He studied bandoneon with Masters Néstor Marconi, Carlos Lazzari and Juan Carlos Caviello.

Awarded by the Konex Foundation (, he attended the First Higher Diploma in Tango, graduating in 2004.

He studied arrangement and composition with the Mtros. Gabriel Senanes, Manolo Juarez and Diego Taranto.





He teaches in the career of History of Tango at the Universidad del Tango in Buenos Aires CETBA and Appreciation of the Language of Tango (Luján School of Popular Music).

He is co-founder of the Centro'feca (Argentine Cultural Studies Forum), an NGO dedicated to the research and dissemination of Tango, awarded the “Golden Gobbi 2010” by the National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic and which is sponsored by UNESCO in different activities such as the International Tango Congress.


He was part of the Juan D ’arienzo Orchestra conducted by the Mtro. Carlos Lazzari, the Rodolfo Mederos Typical Orchestra, the Tango School Orchestra conducted by Maestro Emilio Balcarce, the Bandoneon Quartet conducted by Néstor Marconi and the Cacho Tirao sextet.

He joined the cast of outstanding Buenos Aires Tango stages such as Café Tortoni, El Viejo Almacén, Confectionery Ideal, Che Tango, Flavor Tango, South Bar, Faena Hotel and La Ventana among others.

It has been presented in various festivals and musical meetings, such as 4e Nuit des guitarres (Nantes - France) 2004, the "National Bandoneon Festival" 2005, Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2010, 2018, Montreal Tango Festival (Québec - Canada) 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2019, World Parade Huis Ten Bosh (Nagasaki- Japan) 2006, International Tango Congress 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014

As a soloist he participated in various concerts with the National Radio Youth Orchestra (Buenos Aires - Argentina) (2010), the Orcheste Symphonique de Longueuil (Montreal - Canada) (2018), the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of San Martín (Buenos Aires - Argentina) (2018) and the Les flutistes de Montreal Wind Orchestra (Montreal - Canada) (2018)

Since 2014 he has been part of the show Pasión de Tango that has been presented at the Teatro CC Borges (Buenos Aires) since 2001.